Does Bond need Q when there’s real-world computer-mediated telepathy? With its Silent Talk program, DARPA (the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) proudly says nope.

Start by scanning and mapping the brain’s electric signals via EEG. Analyze said signals and convert ’em into words. Beam these to the soldier of your choice. Voila! Instant telepathy for only $4 million in R&D.

The ghost in the machine is subvocalization – word-specific neural signals that fly around the brain before the word itself is actually spoken. If these are (or can be made to be) the same for more than just the person whose brain was scanned, we’re in business.

But wait – there’s more!

DARPA is also applying the idea to – wait for it – mind-reading binoculars that would communicate a soldier’s thoughts about what s/he was seeing much faster than having to speak (which has now become SO 20th century).

Talk about (no pun intended) the end of privacy….

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3 Responses to DARPA militarzing the paranormal (no, really)

  1. Data Recovery : says:

    my sister is a firm believer in the supernatural and the occult as well as on paranormal activities too`~;

    • Stuart Mason Dambrot Stuart Mason Dambrot says:

      Right, except that we invent myths, gods, demons, and other “supernatural” and “paranormal” concepts to explain what we don’t understand. The universe is real, and so are we. Something being temporarily beyond our current understanding does not make it mystical…simply a mystery.

  2. Flannel Sheets says:

    i have always been interested in the paranormal and the occult, that is why i bought some trifield meter and emf meters ;,:

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